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Client's Feedback

User Name: Chew soon lee
Nationality: Singapore
Updated: 2009-10-29

Hi Sally,

I enjoyed very much my tour in Hangzhou. Particularly I am very delighted to have such a lovely and sweet tour guide, Ms Jesse assigned to us. She is very wonderful and made our tour very lively and interesting.

Best regards,
Chew soon

User Name: Cecilia Lourdudoss
Nationality: Swden
Updated: 2009-07-10

Dear Sally,

Nice to hear from you! Thank you for your news, I'm glad that you're doing fine. Yes, we're back home in Sweden now and I can't believe that everything went so fast. I really had a great time in China and I was very happy to have you as our guide. I hope that you can rest for a while now when it's off-season. You know, you really live in a beautiful city and you should be very proud of it. I'm doing fine, I'm back to work and everything is normal, can't wait until my next trip...


User Name: Mai none
Nationality: Swden
Updated: 2009-07-08

Hi Sally,

It′s been a while! How are you doing? Do you have a lot to do? Lot of tourists? We have been home in Sweden for about 1 week. The time just flew by! I miss Asia!!! I′ll attched some picture to you. I have more but it′s not intressting. I want to thank you for the time in Hangzhou! I had a great time! If you are going to Europe, contact me:) We have to keep in touch!

Mai none,

User Name: kamal kothari
Nationality: India
Updated: 2009-07-08

Dearest sally,

Hi!!!We are all fine, what about you??? Sorry we have been busy since the past few days therefore we could not reply to your touching message.......We think of you very often and miss your company a lot.....We miss China and the unforgetable memories we had together......We really hope we can make a trip to China again......It was lovely having you as our guide in Hangzhou for those few memorable days......Rhia and Carl also miss you a lot.....But well, all good things have to come to an end...... We are very sorry but we cannot send the photographs we clicked together as they are not yet loaded on the computer...... But will try to send it to you as soon as possibly....

kamal kothari

User Name: Wong Sze Meng
Nationality: Malaysia
Updated: 2009-04-15

Dear Marissa,

We had a very enjoyable trip and are happy with the service provided. It was a bit worrying when we arrived and could not meet the person who was supposed to receive us at the airport.But it all turn up well and it was a good gesture of you to deduct US30 for the mistake. We will certainly reccomend you to our friends visiting Hangzhou.

Wong Sze Meng,
Thank you

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