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Hangzhou Train

Hangzhou Railway Station (knows as the "City Station" 城站) and Hangzhou East Railway Station (known as "East Station" 东站) are two main train station in Hangzhou, from which one can catch a train to Shanghai and almost anywhere in China. There are many trains going to or passing Hangzhou from Shanghai. Since 2006, it only takes 1h18 from Shanghai South Railway Station to Hangzhou, and costs around 50 RMB.

Trains leaving Hangzhou reach more than 20 cities directly, including Beijing (北京) (1650 km), Shanghai (上海) (200 km), and Xi'an (西安) (1550 km).

Train tickets can be purchased at the Wulinmen Ticket Office (No. 199, Wulin Road) or Huansha Road Ticket Office (No. 147, Huansha Road).

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