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Hangzhou Three-Day Tour to Mount Sanqingshan

Tour Code: SQS-1
Duration: 3 day
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Tour Highlights: Sanqingshan, Beaty Peak, Longevity Park
Hangzhou Three-Day Tour to Mount Sanqingshan

Day 1
Hangzhou / Sanqingshan
Early this morning, we will pick you up around 7:00am, it will take us about 4 hours through expressway to get to a small town called Yushan which is the closest exit on the expressway to Mt. Sanqingshan. We will have lunch in local restaurant, and then spend another 1.5 hour to Mt.Sanqingshan. Upon arrival, we will take a cable way up to the mountain. After check-in the hotel on the mountain, we can visit the Nanqing Park Scenic Area which boasts with its most spectacular landscape in Mt. Sanqingshan , where you will see Numerous Peaks in different gestures, among which there are "Spring Goddess", "Beaty Peak", "Nine Dragons Joking with Phoenix", etc.

Day 2
This morning, after breakfast, we will visit Yujing Peak Scenic Area. Yujing Peak, with an elevation of 1816.9meters, is the highest of Sanqing Mountain. It has a wide range, including Nine Heaven Yinyuan Mansion, Safflower and Tea-oil Tree Valley, Jinyu Pine Ridge, Riding Magpie Bridge, Searching Truth Terrace, Yuhua Peak, Yuxu Peak and the three peaks Fenglai. There you can overlook Feixian valley, the steep Princess valley and cloud seaa and mist waves, sunrise, treasure rays and towering strange peaks. It is impossible for one to truly appreciate Sanqing Mountain without reaching Yujing Peak. In the afternoon, we will move to West Seashore Scenic Area. It is a newly developed spot in Sanqing Mountain. It joins the southern natural spectacles and the northern cultural Sanqing Temple together. Throughout the journey, you can see rare landscape, such as Flower and Fruit Mountain, the Monkey King Appreciating Treasure, Guanyin Delivering children, Feixian Valley and so on. It is the best place to appreciate vast clouds and to overlook such gorges as the Primitive Forest , Feixian Valley, the Royal Family etc. In this spot, you can also see black bears, rhesus monkeys and other wild animals. The plank footpath leads you along the West Seashore for 4 km, which is built along the face of a cliff more than 1600 meters above sea level. It is the highest and longest plank footpath in China.

Day 3
Sanqingshan / Hangzhou

This morning, we will visit Longevity Park Scenic Area. It is located at the southern foot of the Sanqing Mountain, the east of the cableway. In this spot, the natural shape of strange peaks and grotesque rocks and longevity are in a happy combination and a unified entity. The spot and landscape are in "Taoist natural" law. All of these are closely related with the theme of well-being and longevity. While enjoying and beautiful scenery, visitors can also gain some enlightenment in keeping with good health and long life. This afternoon, we transfer back to Hangzhou.


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  • Entrance Fee to all the tourist attractions listed above
  • Private car with chauffeur for all the transfers
  • Service of English speaking tour guide
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast
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  • Meals and beverage
  • Gratuity for tour guide and chauffeur
  • Other personal expenses
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