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Romance of Song Dynasty Show Tickets hot

The Song Dynasty ruled China from 1127 to 1279, moving their capital to Hangzhou in 1129. In dedication to its rich history, 50 million RMB was invested to set up "the Song Dynasty Town"  in Hangzhou. There are five parts inside the town: The Celebration Square, Old Handwork Shop area, Odd Street and Haunted House, Buddhism Mistery World, Romance of Song Dynasty, among which the Romance of Song Dynasty is the most amazing part in the whole park. It is a show which you cannot miss in China, it is the most amazing thing one had ever seen in life.

It boasts brilliantly colorful costumes, blinding laser lights, excellent stage props, and magnificent dancers and actors.  The performance starts with entertainment by two clowns, followed by an acrobatics show of the "Legend of the Ancestors".  The main show is divided into four scenes of the Southern Song Dynasty. The first scene is "The Banquet Dance in the Song Palace", with exceptional traditional costumes of the emperor and empress, palace officials, and palace entertainers, all dancing to ancient Chinese music.  The second scene is "the Battle", this scene is performed in honor of the much-respected General Yue Fei, a renowned general of the Song Dynasty who fought against invaders.  The next scene is "the Beautiful West Lake and its Beautiful Tales", legends like "The Lady White Snake" and "The Butterfly Lovers" are brilliantly performed by the talented ballet dancers, accompanied by sweet or sorrowful music.  In this scene of love, betrayal, and sacrifice, there are water fountains, laser lights, mist, and even drizzling drops of water falling all over the theatre like rain. The legends are brought to life. The final scene of the night is "the World Meets Here & Hangzhou Essence", with dances from all over of Asia.

Show Venue: Song Dynasty Town, No.148 Zhijiang Road, Hangzhou,China


Due to technical problems, we are now stopping providing Song Dynasty show tickets. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 


Ticket Pricing

 Type of the Seats  Published Price in RMB  Price in USD  Child Price in USD
 14:00 VIP Seats  RMB 320  USD 53  USD 52
 19:20 VIP Seats  RMB 320  USD 53  USD 52

Child Policy:
"Child over 1.20 meters and under 1.50meters in height must purchase child ticket. 
^  Child not reaching 1.20 meters in height is free of charge without a seat. 
^  Child policy is depending on child's height rather than on child's age.

Seating Plan

Pink: Ordinary Seats       Blue: VIP Seats         Red: Sofa Seats (not available for reservation)

How to book the tickets?

1. Book the tickets online by filling out the table below.
2. Pay by Paypal.
3. Get the payment confirmation letter by email from us after you finish payment.

4. Get our final confirmation email or iMessage about 2-3 days before show day. (please make sure you choose the correct date and provide correct passport number)

How to get the tickets?

Please take your passport with you, and show it at the Information office咨询处 of the Theme Park for getting your tickets. 

Please be at the ticket office at least 40 minutes before show starts. (you can enjoy your time at the theme park before or after the show. )

How to Pay?

Pay by PayPal
People holding a credit card or a debit card can pay the show tickets by PayPal.
Only USD3.00 service charge will be added to the total amount payable.

* Pay by Telegraphic Transfer in USD
Beneficiary's Account Number: 571905069010201
Beneficiary's Bank Name: China Merchants Bank,H.O.,Shenzhen
Beneficiary's Bank Address: China Merchants Bank Tower No.7088, Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, China
^  It is your responsibility to undertake all the local and overseas banking charges for telegraphic transfer (wire transfer).
^  Please leave enough time for the payment to reach our account.
^  Please email us the scanned bank-in slip for verification.

Book Ticket

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* The tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and UNCHANGEABLE. Please make sure you choose the correct date. In any cases you want to cancel the reservation or change the date, we are sorry that we cannot refund you payment. 

* The tickets must be booked at least one day in advance, that means tickets can not be reserved on the show day.

* Guest Name = Passport Name
Please give us Passport Name who is to watch the show when filling in "Guest Name" of the "Book Ticket" table. One person's passport name is enough if you book two tickets or more. If you book on others' behalf, please also note it in your request.  Non passport name may result in failure to enter the show venue.

* Number of Tickets(Child) = Number of Children over 1.20 meters and under 1.50 meters
^ If you have one child with 90cm in height, please choose "0" in "Number of Tickets(Child)"
^ If you have two children (90cm & 1.3m), please choose "1" in "Number of Tickets(Child)" .  Child not reaching 1.2m is free of charge without seat.
^ If you have three children (90cm, 1.3m, 1.6m respectively), please choose "1" in "Number of Tickets(Child)".  The child with 1.6 meters in height should buy adult ticket.

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