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Hangzhou Culture of Silk Day Tour

Tour Code: TCT-2
Duration: 1 day
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Hangzhou Culture of Silk Day Tour

Along with Suzhou, Hangzhou silk is actually the best in the world and has been since the Tang and Song Dynasties. Between Hangzhou and Suzhou, Suzhou's embroidery is the best in China, and Hangzhou is known for producing excellent silks and satins.

Our Silk Culture Exploration Tour will start from China Silk Museum. China National Silk Museum is located at the foot of Yuhuang Hill, by the beautiful West Lake Scenic ares. As the first nationwide silk specialized museum, this museum, reflect over 5,000 years of silk development history of China, consists of eight exhibition halls, namely, Prelude Hall, Relics Hall, Folk Custom Hall, Silkworm Hall, Silk Manufacturing Hall, Weaving Hall, Dying Hall and Achievements Hall.

The exhibits in this museum include silk products from the Neolithic Age to Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties as well as some in present day, showing the long development history of the silk. Besides, three Silk Roads, through desert, sea and land, are all displayed in the museum. At the same time, vivid demonstrations are given in some halls, demonstrating the producing process of the silk products. The museum itself is a good combination of culture, tourism and trade. 

You can also find some very good tailors in Hangzhou to make some Chinese Qipao or other style of dress.


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